Valentine is exactly what Sox need

Let’s be honest, the Terry Francona era was great for the Red Sox. He, along with Theo Epstein and a “bunch of idiots”, finally broke through the curse and delivered a title to the long suffering fans of Boston baseball. But now thats Tito and Theo are gone, it’s time to move forward, and the Sox have the right guy.

The Red Sox had become complacent in my eyes. They were happy to just roll out onto the field and make the playoffs every year. They knew they were good and could hang with anyone. With every franchise in sports though, times change. The Red Sox became a shell of what they once were and imploded down the stretch. The pressure, along with bad contracts, contributed to the Sox organization feeling it was time to reload. Cue Bobby Valentine.

Bean Towners do not want to rebuild, they want there beloved Sox to reload. There’s a lot of concern about Valentines career record, but even a reloading Sox team is better then Valentines had in the past. What Valentine will bring to the Sox is change. A change in attitude, new life and fres air if you will. Francona was the guy that I don’t feel liked the spotlight, Valentine searches it out. When things go bad for the Sox, Valentine will be able to redirect the media to other issues or topics thus keeping pressure off of his players. He’s exactly the character type that the Red Sox need to bring the “idiots” back to Boston. And after all, wasn’t that the recipe for success.

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A Florida fan’s reaction to Urban Meyer

I’m not as upset as most Gator fans today. I have no problem with Urban Meyer getting back into coaching. I just think he deserves better then OSU.

For years, Buckeye fans have “hated” Urban Meyer and his cocky, look at me attitude. They wanted him banned from Ohio after his Gators drubbed OSU for the National Title. But oh look how times and attitudes have changed for Buckeye fans. Once the writing was on the wall for Jim Tressell, meyer was the only guy fans wanted. Bring an Ohio guy in and solve all of our woes. Hey Urban, we really don’t HATE you, we just hate that you smoked us!

I’m still a fan of Urban Meyer, I genuinely like the guy. I hope OSU fans will give him time to get his modified spread offense in place. It’s not an easy offense to learn, but the Buckeyes have the horses. Let’s just remember Buckeye fans, you crucified Michigan and Rich Rod for running basically the same offense saying it will never work in the Big Ten. But then again, selective memory will allow you to forget that too.

NBA Owners Should Have Locked Themselves Out

Let me preface this by saying I haven’t been much of an NBA fan since the Jordan days.  The league has been in a study decline since then, and I have always preferred the college game anyway.

It just amazes me how guys can be smart enough to make the amount of money it takes to purchase a professional sports franchise, but then run it like a bunch of drunken sailors on a weekend leave.  6 years and $118 million for Rashard Lewis?  6 years and $111 million for Gilbert Arenas?  5 years $82 million for Rudy Gay?  And now you want the players to take less money because of your stupidity?  Good luck with that!

Suh loses his cool, and one fans respect.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Ndamukong Suh, you ARE dirty! And now you can be categorized as delusional. You have tried to tell the world that you are misunderstood as a player, that you’re targeted unfairly by the league. Well, Mr. Suh, that target just got bigger. Those meetings with the league, pointless. You’re public outcries, no longer valid. You are what you are, a dirty player.

This does not mean that he’s a bad guy though. Suh is one of the smartest, nicest guys in the league off the field. On it, he’s a run stopping, quarterback smashing machine. The issue is, Suh has no off switch. He can’t grasp the reality that there’s a line you can’t cross. During the Thanksgiving Day game, Suh pushed Green Bay OL Evan Dietrich-Smith’s head to the ground three times, then upon getting up, attempted to step on his arm. Suh was ejected. After the game he tried to explain the situation as ‘I was trying to gain my balance.’ What Suh fails to realize is that now he not only looks dirty, but looks like a liar as well. If you think he was losing his balance, watch the video.

A greater concern for Suh is that maybe he does not realize what he’s doing. Football players are trained to be assassins and killers for three hours on a Sunday. Maybe he just can’t turn it off like others. It’s sad, because he is a unique talent who people enjoy watching, but now it’s for the wrong reason.


A message to Urban Meyer and Ohio State

Dear Urban and OSU,



Thank you,

Scotts On Sports

Verlander not to blame for being awarded AL MVP

I understand why people are upset. ‘A pitcher shouldn’t win the award oner a guy who busts his ass 150 plus games a year’, one guy says. Another responds, ‘that’s why they have the CY Young’. I, however, think the right choice was made. The MVP is supposed to go to the best player in the game. The description does not say best hitter or best fielder. It’s not Verlander’s fault that the the other five vote getters were so close in numbers that they couldn’t be separated. Verlander and his 24-5 record was why the Tigers were able to win the AL Central. Take away Verlander’s 25 wins from the 96 the Tigers had as a team. Simple math gives you 71 wins. Add 10 wins for a pitcher that replaces Verlander and it bumps you to 81. The Tigers would have still won the division, but by only one game, and down the stretch, that would have been interesting.

It’s safe to say that Jacoby Ellsbury would have been MVP if his Red Sox would have spent more time preparing for games then ordering dugout beers. But that’s what happens. Winning teams get the awards. Oh, and by the way, Jacoby Ellsbury was 3 for 14 this season against the MVP.


It’s Time To Change The College Football OT System

Since 1996 we’ve been using this ridiculous everybody gets a chance, ball already in field goal range system.  This isn’t little league where everybody gets a trophy.  These are big boys now who can settle their differences like the men in the NFL do.

You don’t put the ball on a tee for extra innings in baseball, and you don’t lower the rim to 9 feet for OT in basketball.  So why do completely change the way you play the game in college football?  It makes no sense.  But its been going on so long now that the public just accepts it the way we accept the Kardashians as celebrities.

It’s time to take a stand.  Join me in boycotting all college football overtimes until this ridiculous system is changed.  Watch the game, but if it goes into overtime, change the channel.  You won’t miss much, and the NCAA may not notice, but you’ll feel more manly.

And also stop watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.