If Urban Meyer thought Gainesville was stressfull, wait until he sees the expectations in Columbus.

We’ve heard the rumors and read the message boards. It seems like just a matter of time before Urban Meyer leaves the comfy confines of the broadcasting booth to make his way back to the stress filled sidelines of college football.

We all know Meyers resume, a 104-23 overall coaching record and 2 national championships with the Florida Gators. What people need to remember is that Meyer also was admitted to the hospital in early December of 2009 with chest pains. later that month, he decided to take a leave of absence stating that he needed to get his health in order.

The break was short lived as Meyer returned to Florida’s sideline in March of 2010. He lead the Gators to a disappointing 7-5 record and announced after the Outback Bowl on New Years Day that his the stress was to much and he was stepping down for good from coaching.

In every contract Meyer has signed, there has been the well publicized “out clause”. The clause states that if the Ohio State coaching job becomes available, Meyer could be released from his contract to take the Buckeyes vacancy.

The one thing that keeps popping for me is the fact that Meyers health would not let him coach the way he wanted to. The 20 hour days and constant recruiting trips wore on him. That the expectations in Gainesville were to high. If he thought that was bad, wait until he COACHES in Columbus. Gainesville is the 86th ranked radio market in the United States. Columbus, 35th. Gainesville has 3 papers that mainly cover the Gators, the Buckeyes have 5, the Dispatch being one of the biggest in the country. After a game, you may see 12-15 reporters clamoring for answers in Gainesville. In Columbus, if you dont see 25-30, consider it a good day. Now lets consider the real stressers. The fans. Turn on a sports radio station in Columbus and you will hear three hours of fans demanding nothing less then a National Title.

When its all said and done, Urban Meyer will be the next coach of THE Ohio State University and as a Gator fan, I do wish him well. And to the Buckeyes fans, you are getting a great college football coach, just enjoy the 3-4 years you have him.


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