Verlander not to blame for being awarded AL MVP

I understand why people are upset. ‘A pitcher shouldn’t win the award oner a guy who busts his ass 150 plus games a year’, one guy says. Another responds, ‘that’s why they have the CY Young’. I, however, think the right choice was made. The MVP is supposed to go to the best player in the game. The description does not say best hitter or best fielder. It’s not Verlander’s fault that the the other five vote getters were so close in numbers that they couldn’t be separated. Verlander and his 24-5 record was why the Tigers were able to win the AL Central. Take away Verlander’s 25 wins from the 96 the Tigers had as a team. Simple math gives you 71 wins. Add 10 wins for a pitcher that replaces Verlander and it bumps you to 81. The Tigers would have still won the division, but by only one game, and down the stretch, that would have been interesting.

It’s safe to say that Jacoby Ellsbury would have been MVP if his Red Sox would have spent more time preparing for games then ordering dugout beers. But that’s what happens. Winning teams get the awards. Oh, and by the way, Jacoby Ellsbury was 3 for 14 this season against the MVP.



3 thoughts on “Verlander not to blame for being awarded AL MVP

    • Great point, and I understand the arguement. Verlander was just great. If he had only won 20 games Ellsbury would have won. MLB should consider making pitchers ineligable, but they love the press. And you have to admit, Ellsbury didnt really seperate himself from the other finalists.

  1. i think it’s a bit facile to call a pitcher on the number of games he plays. i think we’d be better served to look at the time spent actually playing. it’s not like a single player is asked to bat consecutively. even when a pitcher is not scheduled, they have routines and workouts they must abide by so that when they’re called, scheduled or not, they’re ready. pitchers deserve awards based on intangibles as do the other players. the cy young award is pitcher specific, has a pitcher’s name as prefix…the MVP award is open, and should be based, by its all inclusiveness alone, at least partly on these intangibles. not saying an argument shouldn’t be had, but one can’t use ‘games played’ as a be all end all. scott’s last point, the 3 for 14 stat, brings this, ahem, home.

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