Suh loses his cool, and one fans respect.

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Ndamukong Suh, you ARE dirty! And now you can be categorized as delusional. You have tried to tell the world that you are misunderstood as a player, that you’re targeted unfairly by the league. Well, Mr. Suh, that target just got bigger. Those meetings with the league, pointless. You’re public outcries, no longer valid. You are what you are, a dirty player.

This does not mean that he’s a bad guy though. Suh is one of the smartest, nicest guys in the league off the field. On it, he’s a run stopping, quarterback smashing machine. The issue is, Suh has no off switch. He can’t grasp the reality that there’s a line you can’t cross. During the Thanksgiving Day game, Suh pushed Green Bay OL Evan Dietrich-Smith’s head to the ground three times, then upon getting up, attempted to step on his arm. Suh was ejected. After the game he tried to explain the situation as ‘I was trying to gain my balance.’ What Suh fails to realize is that now he not only looks dirty, but looks like a liar as well. If you think he was losing his balance, watch the video.

A greater concern for Suh is that maybe he does not realize what he’s doing. Football players are trained to be assassins and killers for three hours on a Sunday. Maybe he just can’t turn it off like others. It’s sad, because he is a unique talent who people enjoy watching, but now it’s for the wrong reason.



One thought on “Suh loses his cool, and one fans respect.

  1. Suh just doesn’t seem to be able to turn it off when the play is over!!! “Trying to gain my balance” what a flipping joke!!!!!! Suh your a hothead through and through!!!!! Enjoy your suspension and this suspension should be 3+games!!! What do you think would happen to you in public Suh if you did these actions??? Consider yourself lucky your a famous person!!!!

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