A Florida fan’s reaction to Urban Meyer

I’m not as upset as most Gator fans today. I have no problem with Urban Meyer getting back into coaching. I just think he deserves better then OSU.

For years, Buckeye fans have “hated” Urban Meyer and his cocky, look at me attitude. They wanted him banned from Ohio after his Gators drubbed OSU for the National Title. But oh look how times and attitudes have changed for Buckeye fans. Once the writing was on the wall for Jim Tressell, meyer was the only guy fans wanted. Bring an Ohio guy in and solve all of our woes. Hey Urban, we really don’t HATE you, we just hate that you smoked us!

I’m still a fan of Urban Meyer, I genuinely like the guy. I hope OSU fans will give him time to get his modified spread offense in place. It’s not an easy offense to learn, but the Buckeyes have the horses. Let’s just remember Buckeye fans, you crucified Michigan and Rich Rod for running basically the same offense saying it will never work in the Big Ten. But then again, selective memory will allow you to forget that too.


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