Valentine is exactly what Sox need

Let’s be honest, the Terry Francona era was great for the Red Sox. He, along with Theo Epstein and a “bunch of idiots”, finally broke through the curse and delivered a title to the long suffering fans of Boston baseball. But now thats Tito and Theo are gone, it’s time to move forward, and the Sox have the right guy.

The Red Sox had become complacent in my eyes. They were happy to just roll out onto the field and make the playoffs every year. They knew they were good and could hang with anyone. With every franchise in sports though, times change. The Red Sox became a shell of what they once were and imploded down the stretch. The pressure, along with bad contracts, contributed to the Sox organization feeling it was time to reload. Cue Bobby Valentine.

Bean Towners do not want to rebuild, they want there beloved Sox to reload. There’s a lot of concern about Valentines career record, but even a reloading Sox team is better then Valentines had in the past. What Valentine will bring to the Sox is change. A change in attitude, new life and fres air if you will. Francona was the guy that I don’t feel liked the spotlight, Valentine searches it out. When things go bad for the Sox, Valentine will be able to redirect the media to other issues or topics thus keeping pressure off of his players. He’s exactly the character type that the Red Sox need to bring the “idiots” back to Boston. And after all, wasn’t that the recipe for success.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine is exactly what Sox need

  1. At least we have SOMEBODY. Now we can start the icky process of Soxsplosion containment in earnest.
    I mean, yeah, we picked the lone Groucho Marx re-enactor, but at least we’ll never be bored!
    Maybe he’ll leave his mustache at home.
    And maybe he’ll learn David Ortiz’ name.
    I’m just happy they FINALLY made a decision.

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