Orton’s Return to Denver About More Than Just Revenge

We all know the plot of Kyle Orton’s return to Denver this week.  Former QB going up against his old team with a chance to knock them out of the playoffs.  It doesn’t get much better than that if you’re Kyle Orton.  But for Orton, the former Bronco QB, this is about more than just a single game.  Orton will be a free agent after the season, and this game could go a long way in determining his NFL future.  With the Chiefs head coaching position still in doubt (more on that later) his future in KC remains unclear at this point.  But in the QB-starved NFL there will be ample opportunity for competent player such as Orton.


Let’s All Make A Resolution For 2012

Ok, so I know it’s cheesy, but I am doing a sports resolution list for 2012. And here it is…

We the Cleveland Browns, make it our 2012 resolution to stop moving backwards. We promise to not panic and draft a QB, but will instead select Justin Blackmon and give McCoy another weapon before we write him off. Besides, we all think Mark Sanchez will be available, pick him up!

Major League Baseball will make it their 2012 resolution to let Mark Cuban own the Dodgers. This guy is what baseball needs to create buzz and interest in a city where baseball is dying.

ESPN will make it their 2012 resolution to find another story to beat into the ground and exploit it for all we can (see Tim Tebow).

Major League Soccer will make it their 2012 resolution to send David Beckham back where he came from.

And lastly, the good folks that govern NCAA basketball will make it their 2012 resolution to once again provide fans with a REAL champion. One that wins on the court, not on a computer (Sorry football).

As for me? I make resolutions every year and fail miserably. I resolve to eat less and get healthy, I gain weight. I resolve to better my career and financial situation, I’m still unemployed and beyond broke. So this year, for 2012, I will try something different. No resolutions, just promises. I promise to be a better family man. For all I have put my loved ones through, they deserve it. I promise to take the necessary steps to get myself and my family out of this financial situation we are in. And finally, I promise to make Scotts On Sports a success. I know it won’t be easy, but here’s to a fun and prosperous 2012.

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What I’d Like to Return In the World of Sports

Since it’s the day after Christmas and all the stores are bombarded with lines of people returning unwanted gifts, I thought it only appropriate to give you the top 5 things in sports I would like to return from 2011.

5. The BCS Title Game. Let’s face it, the system is flawed. Alabama had their chance to play for a National Title and blew it. The players still are not determining the championships, the computers are. I would be much happier with a LSU versus Oklahoma State BCS title game.

4. Over the Top Celebrations. I’m a big fan of gamesmanship, but when I continue to see players celebrate a 3 yard gain with the choreographed style of Riverdance, I feel that’s too much. When Stevie Johnson of the Bills mimicked the Jets Plaxico Burress’ nightclub shooting as a touchdown dance, that was the end for me. I wish everyone would flip the ball “Barry Sanders Style” to the ref and act like they’ve been there before.

3. Adrian Peterson and Sidney Crosby to Full Health. I was very upset when I heard that Peterson was injured. He is a good guy and a dynamic player that will be missed by the fans and the Vikings. Crosby is different. The NHL needs him to be healthy. He is not only the face of a proud franchise, but also a league trying to remain relevant. He single-handedly kills my team, the Blue Jackets, whenever they meet. Sure, it hurts, but I know I am witnessing greatness.

2. Albert Pujols Back to the Cardinals. We don’t often get to see players start and finish their careers with one team. When Pujols signed with the Angels, we lost again. I really thought he would break the mold and stereotype of greedy players. He had the chance to go down as the greatest Cardinal of all time. Stan Musial, your title is safe.

1. The Innocence Lost by All The People Affected by Sexual Abuse. This was a no brainer. From Penn State to Syracuse to AAU, this is the most disgusting event I’ve covered in sports. The victims of these dehumanizing acts committed by people with power will hopefully get the justice they deserve. My hope in all of this is that victims who have remained silent know that they do have a voice and that monsters that prey on innocent children realize that there time will come.


Trojan’s Barkley proves it’s not all about the money

It’s hard to believe, but there is some decency left in college football. USC quarterback Matt Barkley made it official today that he is coming back for his Senior season passing up millions in the QB loving NFL.

All Barkley’s ever wanted, since he could strap on the helmet, was to be a Trojan’s QB. He stood out as a Freshman and, when he could have transferred during the NCAA sanctions, he remained loyal and stood by his beloved program. Critics will say he’s just trying to improve his draft status and win the Heisman. All good points. But he could also come out and get seriously injured. Or maybe he does not put up numbers better than his Junior year. Then he hurts his status. The negatives outweigh the positives for sure but let’s be honest, who would you rather start for, the Cleveland Browns, or the USC Trojans?


Cincinnati, Xavier should both be banned from post season

Saturday’s benches clearing fight between UC and X should have never happened. After weeks worth of smack talk between the teams, officials should have seen this coming. It would have been OK for them to warn both teams before the game by issuing technical fouls in the promise of keeping things clean. But what happened was a fight of epic proportions that marred a great day for the NCAA.

College sports had a great day ripped from them. Kansas beating Ohio State, Indiana’s last second shot to down Kentucky and Robert Griffin’s Heisman win were all moved to second stage as the fight jumped to the top of the media’s list. In a time in sports were child molestation and selling memorabilia win the headlines battle almost every day, it would have been nice for positive stories to knock them from the top spot.

Thank you UC and X for making sure the positive side of sports remain second place.


Healthy Jared Sullinger would have made game different, but not necessarily outcome.

As a Jayhawk fan now living in Columbus, Ohio I have been looking forward to the Kansas vs Ohio St. basketball game for quite some time.  And like any true fan, I wanted both teams to be at full strength for this match-up.  So when it was announced a couple hours before tip-off that Buckeye All-American Jared Sullinger would not play due to back spasms, I was naturally very disappointed.

Kansas won a hard fought game by a score of 78-67.   Moments after the final buzzer sounded I heard from several of my Buckeye friends with the “we would have won with Sullinger”.

Well…maybe.  But maybe not.  You can’t just plug in Sullinger’s 19 point average and say the Buckeyes would have won by 8.  It doesn’t work that way.  How many times have you seen a team lose its best player and everybody else steps it up a notch.  That’s what happened for the Buckeyes today.  In the first half it was Deshaun Thomas scoring 15 points.  In the second half William Buford stepped it up with 17 of his 21 points.  Would they have scored those points with Sullinger in there?  Nobody knows.

The Buckeyes also allowed the Jayhawks to shoot 9 of 17 from 3-point range.  More than likely Sullinger would not have been defending any of those shots.  The Buckeyes shot only 5 of 17 from 3-point range.  Obviously without Sullinger in the line-up, the Jayhawks were able to ramp up their perimeter defense.  Ohio State outrebounded Kansas 12 to 5 on the offensive glass without Sullinger.  That’s a pretty big edge that likely would not have been increased if Sullinger had played.

The bottom line is we’ll never know what would have happened had Sullinger been able to play.  But to say the Buckeyes definitely would have won is just shortsighted.  Maybe we’ll get an answer sometime in March.

Thank you fantasy football for making me realize the greatness of one player

Fantasy football consumes most fans of the NFL, myself included. It’s fun to research and draft players that you typically have no connection to other than to root against when your favorite team plays against them. Most players and some fans despise the game of fantasy. They feel it’s pointless with no real value and that rooting for Tom Brady to score points for your fantasy team is a conflict of interest, especially if he’s playing AGAINST your favorite team.

I want to take it another route. I was slotted to pick 5th out of 12 teams in my draft. I knew Arian Foster was banged up, but when he fell to me, I had to take him, on promise alone. Here’s the problem, I thought Foster was a flash in the pan joke. There was no way he could have the same type of year he had last season. I also felt he accumulated fat numbers against weak teams. I had no reason to follow the Texans or Arian Foster last season. Texans games were rarely televised and as a Steelers fan, I just didn’t care. I was incorrect.

Not only is Foster a great talent, but a good guy. He’s a very thoughtful individual. He writes poetry to convey the messages he wants people to hear. Let’s face it, he’s not your typical NFL player. On the field of play he is a dynamic all around back who not only runs the ball with ease and power, but can also get open in passing routes helping his offense extend plays.

I realize I didn’t have to draft Arian Foster to recognize his talent, but I am very glad I did. And just so Mr. Foster knows, you’re welcome on my team next year.