Broadcaster so jaded by bad sportsmanship was taught a valuable lesson

We in the media find it easier to focus on the bad in sports as opposed to the good. There’s a reason. Our vision is assaulted on a daily basis by images of idiot athletes celebrating themselves with a broadway type dance. Parents throw down at their sons little league games like it’s game seven of the World Series. The way sportsmanship is headed is why I made the biggest error in my play by play career last night.

To make a long story short, I was honored to call the Ohio Division One state high school football finals from Canton. In the closing minutes of the contest, Cleveland Saint Ignatius took over possession of the football thus ending any chance for Pickerington Central to realize their dream of gridiron glory. I looked away from the field for second, and when I looked back is where I made my error.

Upon redirecting my focus to the field, I see both head coaches at mid field speaking with what looked like heated intensity. I assumed the worst. I made comments about how you hate to see a great game marred by poor sportsmanship. It wasn’t until our side line reporter informed me that both coaches got together not to fight and argue, but to agree to put in their seniors and second teamers that don’t play that often so they can say they took the field in a state championship game. My apologies could not come fast enough. For once, it was about the players. It was about the experience.


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