Thank you fantasy football for making me realize the greatness of one player

Fantasy football consumes most fans of the NFL, myself included. It’s fun to research and draft players that you typically have no connection to other than to root against when your favorite team plays against them. Most players and some fans despise the game of fantasy. They feel it’s pointless with no real value and that rooting for Tom Brady to score points for your fantasy team is a conflict of interest, especially if he’s playing AGAINST your favorite team.

I want to take it another route. I was slotted to pick 5th out of 12 teams in my draft. I knew Arian Foster was banged up, but when he fell to me, I had to take him, on promise alone. Here’s the problem, I thought Foster was a flash in the pan joke. There was no way he could have the same type of year he had last season. I also felt he accumulated fat numbers against weak teams. I had no reason to follow the Texans or Arian Foster last season. Texans games were rarely televised and as a Steelers fan, I just didn’t care. I was incorrect.

Not only is Foster a great talent, but a good guy. He’s a very thoughtful individual. He writes poetry to convey the messages he wants people to hear. Let’s face it, he’s not your typical NFL player. On the field of play he is a dynamic all around back who not only runs the ball with ease and power, but can also get open in passing routes helping his offense extend plays.

I realize I didn’t have to draft Arian Foster to recognize his talent, but I am very glad I did. And just so Mr. Foster knows, you’re welcome on my team next year.





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