Cincinnati, Xavier should both be banned from post season

Saturday’s benches clearing fight between UC and X should have never happened. After weeks worth of smack talk between the teams, officials should have seen this coming. It would have been OK for them to warn both teams before the game by issuing technical fouls in the promise of keeping things clean. But what happened was a fight of epic proportions that marred a great day for the NCAA.

College sports had a great day ripped from them. Kansas beating Ohio State, Indiana’s last second shot to down Kentucky and Robert Griffin’s Heisman win were all moved to second stage as the fight jumped to the top of the media’s list. In a time in sports were child molestation and selling memorabilia win the headlines battle almost every day, it would have been nice for positive stories to knock them from the top spot.

Thank you UC and X for making sure the positive side of sports remain second place.



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