What I’d Like to Return In the World of Sports

Since it’s the day after Christmas and all the stores are bombarded with lines of people returning unwanted gifts, I thought it only appropriate to give you the top 5 things in sports I would like to return from 2011.

5. The BCS Title Game. Let’s face it, the system is flawed. Alabama had their chance to play for a National Title and blew it. The players still are not determining the championships, the computers are. I would be much happier with a LSU versus Oklahoma State BCS title game.

4. Over the Top Celebrations. I’m a big fan of gamesmanship, but when I continue to see players celebrate a 3 yard gain with the choreographed style of Riverdance, I feel that’s too much. When Stevie Johnson of the Bills mimicked the Jets Plaxico Burress’ nightclub shooting as a touchdown dance, that was the end for me. I wish everyone would flip the ball “Barry Sanders Style” to the ref and act like they’ve been there before.

3. Adrian Peterson and Sidney Crosby to Full Health. I was very upset when I heard that Peterson was injured. He is a good guy and a dynamic player that will be missed by the fans and the Vikings. Crosby is different. The NHL needs him to be healthy. He is not only the face of a proud franchise, but also a league trying to remain relevant. He single-handedly kills my team, the Blue Jackets, whenever they meet. Sure, it hurts, but I know I am witnessing greatness.

2. Albert Pujols Back to the Cardinals. We don’t often get to see players start and finish their careers with one team. When Pujols signed with the Angels, we lost again. I really thought he would break the mold and stereotype of greedy players. He had the chance to go down as the greatest Cardinal of all time. Stan Musial, your title is safe.

1. The Innocence Lost by All The People Affected by Sexual Abuse. This was a no brainer. From Penn State to Syracuse to AAU, this is the most disgusting event I’ve covered in sports. The victims of these dehumanizing acts committed by people with power will hopefully get the justice they deserve. My hope in all of this is that victims who have remained silent know that they do have a voice and that monsters that prey on innocent children realize that there time will come.



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