Vernon Davis, Let Your Emotions Fly

We’ve all seen the footage. We all have thoughts on it. Here’s mine.

Leave Davis alone. Do we not remember what this guys been through? Mike Singletary kicked him off the field DURING a game due to lack of heart and not playing up to expectations. Many experts were ready to call him a bust. His athleticism could not make up for his lack of desire. But Jim Harbaugh did what Singletary did not, he believed in Davis. He convinced Davis to clean up his act and be a better team-mate. He made him understand the importance of extra work. He told him that he couldn’t turn this team around without him, and Davis delivered.

The emotions of Vernon Davis’s last two seasons came flooding out after he connected on a touchdown pass from Alex Smith with nine seconds remaining to secure a 49ers win over the New Orleans Saints, propelling them to the NFC title game. It was all caught on camera. I say good for you Vernon Davis. You earned that moment.


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Alex Smith Proves That Persistance Pays Off

In 2005, Alex Smith was supposed to be the quarterback that lead the San Francisco 49ers back to the promised land. Up until now, he was considered a failure and a bust.

I’m not going to fill this blog with stats, that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about battling through adversity. It’s about believing in your abilities and putting in the work needed to get ahead. It’s about being a pro. That’s what Alex Smith is.

He was written off by everybody. An endless line of quarterbacks were waiting to take over in San Fran. Shaun Hill, you’re up. Troy Smith, you take the snaps. Colin Kaepernick, Why not. Smith also worked through eight different offensive coordinators during his six seasons. But Tom Brady goes through the same thing you say. Yes, but because his OC’s are good, and they leave for head coaching jobs.

Alex Smith did what he had to. He came in early and stayed late. He watched extra film. He practiced a little harder. He caught the attention of his team mates and new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh stuck with him. He was going down with Alex Smith at QB, and it payed off, so far.

Alex Smith should provide a lesson for us all. Sometimes, you have to believe in yourself before anyone else will.

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New York Jets Soap Opera Will Never End!

I really thought I would get away from the Jets and their constant problems. I tried, I promise. But you just can’t help but get pulled back in to the dysfunction.

The Jets are now in a headlong dive into anarchy. The latest report coming from New York is that the players want Mark Sanchez out. They feel he’s lazy and refuses to put work in because he knows his job is safe, that no one behind him in the depth chart worries him. The Jets have to realize that their problems or more than just Sanchez. The lack of running game and poor defense down the stretch were a big part of why Sanchez failed. Sure he turned the ball over 26 times but he also led the Jets to two consecutive AFC championship games. That should account for something, but it doesn’t. Those games were played a life-time ago in Jets fans eyes. Now that there is a possibility of Peyton Manning being available, Jets players feel he would be the right guy to push them through the quickly closing window of opportunity. Jets players saying they want Manning over Sanchez is like me saying I’d rather drive a Mustang instead of my Eagle Talon. DUUHHHH!

I don’t mind players spouting off to the media, but do not hide behind anonymity. As my co-host says, “put your name on it!”

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Well, It Was Bound To Happen

As a Steelers fan it hurts to write a blog while my chest is ripped open, but here goes.

If you follow Scotts On Sports on facebook you know I was warning others of this impending doom a month ago. I could see it happen. The Broncos and Steelers were headed on a collision course and here it is, with Denver and Tebow standing over the remains of the Steelers season. This is worse for me because I  am a Florida Gators fan and a supporter of Tim Tebow as well. Here are my true feelings.

As a fan of my beloved Steelers I am hurt and disappointed. The Steelers looked like a team who figured all they had to do was score twice and the game would be theres for the taking. But not so fast, Tebow and the Broncos had other plans. What happened to Pittsburgh was what I rooted for all year with Tebow. Last second heroics, a game for the ages, a chance for him to prove everyone wrong. What actually bothered me most though, was the theatrics of John Elway on the Denver sideline. The guy who DOES NOT want Tebow to be his teams starter cheered and acted like he was “his guy” all along. But hey, thats sports. Now Mr. Elway does not really have a choice. Tim Tebow has made his mark. Good for him.

In closing, I am upset, but all I can say now is…GO BRONCOS!


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Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

After posting a 2-1 record as interim head coach, it appears Romeo Crennel is poised to become the Chiefs full time head coach.  I believe this is the right move at this time for an organization that has been through too many changes over the past few years.  

Under Crennel, the defense allowed an average of 11 point per game.  The offense averaged only 13 points per game.  But the two wins did come against playoff teams and one of those was on the road against a Denver team who was playing for a division championship.  The players clearly love playing for him, and in each game the Chiefs came out prepared and focused.

The more important hires in my opinion will be the coordinator positions.  A defensive coordinator will be brought in to replace Crennel.  And with current offensive coordinator and former offensive line coach Bill Muir rumored to be retiring, a new offensive coordinator will be brought in.  At the age of 64, Crennel probably will only coach 3 or 4 more years at the most.  One of the new coordinators needs to be a young coach groomed to take over at that time.  The best teams in the NFL are the ones who can maintain continuity within the organization.  This has been the Chiefs biggest problem over the past decade.

Doors Finally Close On New York Jets Circus

What better way for the over-hyped Jets season to end. Mark Sanchez tosses 3 picks and team captain Santonio Holmes was benched after a fight in the offensive huddle with 2 minutes to go in the game. I love it!

Rex Ryan proclaimed this year Super Bowl bust during the pre-season. Once again, his team failed to deliver on his promise. The Jets were asked to back up their loud mouthed coaches’ antics, and failed. Let’s face it, the Jets aren’t that good. Their leadership is lacking and with no running game currently present, Mark Sanchez can’t be what he is, a game manager.  Maybe it’s time to clean house. You can only put up with a guy like Ryan for so long before he becomes a cancer. Sanchez has lost the team. After two straight AFC championship game appearances, he has failed to live up to the pressure in New York.

During the Jets clean out day, Darrelle Revis hustled past reporters refusing to answer question. Bart Scott flipped off a camera and snapped, “get that (explitive deleted) camera outta my face!” Holmes also left without saying a word.

The pressure that this team had put on them in the pre-season was too much, maybe the axe should fall on Ryan first.

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