Doors Finally Close On New York Jets Circus

What better way for the over-hyped Jets season to end. Mark Sanchez tosses 3 picks and team captain Santonio Holmes was benched after a fight in the offensive huddle with 2 minutes to go in the game. I love it!

Rex Ryan proclaimed this year Super Bowl bust during the pre-season. Once again, his team failed to deliver on his promise. The Jets were asked to back up their loud mouthed coaches’ antics, and failed. Let’s face it, the Jets aren’t that good. Their leadership is lacking and with no running game currently present, Mark Sanchez can’t be what he is, a game manager.  Maybe it’s time to clean house. You can only put up with a guy like Ryan for so long before he becomes a cancer. Sanchez has lost the team. After two straight AFC championship game appearances, he has failed to live up to the pressure in New York.

During the Jets clean out day, Darrelle Revis hustled past reporters refusing to answer question. Bart Scott flipped off a camera and snapped, “get that (explitive deleted) camera outta my face!” Holmes also left without saying a word.

The pressure that this team had put on them in the pre-season was too much, maybe the axe should fall on Ryan first.

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