Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

After posting a 2-1 record as interim head coach, it appears Romeo Crennel is poised to become the Chiefs full time head coach.  I believe this is the right move at this time for an organization that has been through too many changes over the past few years.  

Under Crennel, the defense allowed an average of 11 point per game.  The offense averaged only 13 points per game.  But the two wins did come against playoff teams and one of those was on the road against a Denver team who was playing for a division championship.  The players clearly love playing for him, and in each game the Chiefs came out prepared and focused.

The more important hires in my opinion will be the coordinator positions.  A defensive coordinator will be brought in to replace Crennel.  And with current offensive coordinator and former offensive line coach Bill Muir rumored to be retiring, a new offensive coordinator will be brought in.  At the age of 64, Crennel probably will only coach 3 or 4 more years at the most.  One of the new coordinators needs to be a young coach groomed to take over at that time.  The best teams in the NFL are the ones who can maintain continuity within the organization.  This has been the Chiefs biggest problem over the past decade.


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