Well, It Was Bound To Happen

As a Steelers fan it hurts to write a blog while my chest is ripped open, but here goes.

If you follow Scotts On Sports on facebook you know I was warning others of this impending doom a month ago. I could see it happen. The Broncos and Steelers were headed on a collision course and here it is, with Denver and Tebow standing over the remains of the Steelers season. This is worse for me because I  am a Florida Gators fan and a supporter of Tim Tebow as well. Here are my true feelings.

As a fan of my beloved Steelers I am hurt and disappointed. The Steelers looked like a team who figured all they had to do was score twice and the game would be theres for the taking. But not so fast, Tebow and the Broncos had other plans. What happened to Pittsburgh was what I rooted for all year with Tebow. Last second heroics, a game for the ages, a chance for him to prove everyone wrong. What actually bothered me most though, was the theatrics of John Elway on the Denver sideline. The guy who DOES NOT want Tebow to be his teams starter cheered and acted like he was “his guy” all along. But hey, thats sports. Now Mr. Elway does not really have a choice. Tim Tebow has made his mark. Good for him.

In closing, I am upset, but all I can say now is…GO BRONCOS!


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