New York Jets Soap Opera Will Never End!

I really thought I would get away from the Jets and their constant problems. I tried, I promise. But you just can’t help but get pulled back in to the dysfunction.

The Jets are now in a headlong dive into anarchy. The latest report coming from New York is that the players want Mark Sanchez out. They feel he’s lazy and refuses to put work in because he knows his job is safe, that no one behind him in the depth chart worries him. The Jets have to realize that their problems or more than just Sanchez. The lack of running game and poor defense down the stretch were a big part of why Sanchez failed. Sure he turned the ball over 26 times but he also led the Jets to two consecutive AFC championship games. That should account for something, but it doesn’t. Those games were played a life-time ago in Jets fans eyes. Now that there is a possibility of Peyton Manning being available, Jets players feel he would be the right guy to push them through the quickly closing window of opportunity. Jets players saying they want Manning over Sanchez is like me saying I’d rather drive a Mustang instead of my Eagle Talon. DUUHHHH!

I don’t mind players spouting off to the media, but do not hide behind anonymity. As my co-host says, “put your name on it!”

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