Vernon Davis, Let Your Emotions Fly

We’ve all seen the footage. We all have thoughts on it. Here’s mine.

Leave Davis alone. Do we not remember what this guys been through? Mike Singletary kicked him off the field DURING a game due to lack of heart and not playing up to expectations. Many experts were ready to call him a bust. His athleticism could not make up for his lack of desire. But Jim Harbaugh did what Singletary did not, he believed in Davis. He convinced Davis to clean up his act and be a better team-mate. He made him understand the importance of extra work. He told him that he couldn’t turn this team around without him, and Davis delivered.

The emotions of Vernon Davis’s last two seasons came flooding out after he connected on a touchdown pass from Alex Smith with nine seconds remaining to secure a 49ers win over the New Orleans Saints, propelling them to the NFC title game. It was all caught on camera. I say good for you Vernon Davis. You earned that moment.


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