I woke up this morning and didn’t feel right, like I was coming down with something. As I layed in bed collecting my thoughts I decided to scroll through my sports options for a boring Sunday. After about thirty seconds I saw it and instantly started to feel my mood improving. The Mavs and Knicks were on national television. I had a case of Lin-sanity and did not know it!

This was going to be my first chance to witness the Jeremy Lin phenomenon first hand. I have followed closely through high light clips and media packages up to this point. Now that he has beaten the defending champ Mavericks, here is my assessment of Lin. I LOVE THIS GUY! As a Bulls fan it’s hard to pull for anything Knicks related. Everything about Jeremy Lin is so wrong but so right. He plays the game like it could be taken from him at any moment. His silly head bob after nailing a 3 pointer, his ridiculous hair cut and his over whelming niceness can’t be real. He doesn’t seem to grasp the magnitude of Lin-sanity. Nike is working on a shoe for him (the ultimate award for a player) and he wants to copyright the phrase Lin-sanity. Good for him. Cash in while you can. I hope this ride continues throughout the year and into the playoffs. I don’t even think Carmelo could get in the way of this one.

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Gary Carter More Than A Hall Of Famer

Gary Carter was winding down his career when I started paying attention to him. After all, when he singled in the winning run for the Mets in 1986 I was only 11. What I do remember of Carter is only in highlights for the most part. I know that every clip I have seen of him he was always smiling and enjoying the game the way it should be, with the heart of a kid.

The 11 time All-Star lost his life at the age of 57  on Thursday. Carter was , by all accounts, the happiest guy to ever play the game. Teammates and fans alike could always count on Carter’s smile and hustle every game day. He put his pitchers at ease when he was parked behind the dish, and made opposing pitchers turn to mush as he walked to it, bat in hand, ready to unleash that devastating swing.

When Carter was inducted to the Hall, he was enshrined as a member of the Montreal Expos. Carter kindly reminded them that his best years came with the Mets, but decided to not object. He showed up at enshrinement day, and every function later, with a Mets cap in hand.

Even though Carter was taken too early, he will always be elite.

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No Football…No Problem!

This is the saddest time of year for football fans. The Lombardi trophy is safely on display at the Giants headquarters and our favorite players are now golfing and vacationing in places we only dream about. Here at Scotts On Sports we are going to provide you the top five television series you may have missed during your football coma. Look them up on demand or online

5. Two Broke Girls- I love this show. A rich girl loses her money and has to work at a diner. Rich girl meets broke sassy girl, they live together and try to start a cupcake business. Story line…a little blah. But the one-liners keep the laughs coming.

4. Californication- This show has been on for a few seasons so watch from the beginning. David Duchovny stars as a sex addict trying to keep his family life afloat but to no avail. The long line of sexy women that he meets along with the funny Evan Handler are enough to keep the show interesting. this show is rated R so keep the kids away.

3. Homeland- American POW returns home and our government thinks he has been turned. His battles to return to normalcy make this a must watch. Claire Danes is outstanding as she tries to uncover the truth.

2. Walking Dead- Guy wakes up from coma, zombies have taken over. Enough said!

1. Dexter- I know you have all heard of this show. It’s the best on television. A serial killer who only kills the scurge of humanity. You actually root for the bad guy. Again, start from season one and you will not be let down.

There it is, the top five shows to help get you through the football off-season.

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Scotts On Sports Super Bowl Prop Bets

It’s time for the S.O.S. Super Bowl Prop Bet Challenge. Scott and Garrett go head to head , the loser has to sing the others favorite teams fight song during next weeks show. So really, nobody wins. Listed below are the bets and how they answered.

1- How long will it take Kelly Clarkson to sing the National Anthem ? over/under 1:34 . Garret- Over Scott- Under

2- Will Clarksons Bare belly be showing when she sings the National Anthem ?            Scott- No Garrett- Yes

3- What color will Madonna’s hair be when she sings the Super Bowl half time show ? Blonde or Any Other Color Garrett- Any Other Color  Scott- Blonde

4- Will Madonna be wearing fishnet at any part ? Scott- Yes Garrett- No

5- How many times will Payton Manning be shown on TV during the game ? over/under 3 1/2  Garrett- Over  Scott- Under

6- How many times will Giselle be shown on TV during game ? over/under 1 Garrett- Over Scott- Under

7- If Tom Bradys sun is shown on TV, will he be wearing a T.B. jersey ? Garrett- Yes Scott- No

8- How many times will David Tyree 2008 Super Bowl catch shown during the games Over/Under1 Garrett- Push (1) Scott- Over

9- How many times will Robert Kraft be shown on TV during game ? over/under 3 1/2 Garrett- Under Scott- Over

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Josh Hamilton Relapses, But Who’s To Blame?

Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton held a 12 minute press conference apologizing for his latest relapse into alcohol. He called it a “weak moment” stemming from “personal reasons” as to why he was at a Dallas restaurant drinking.

I know this is partially Josh Hamilton’s fault. He knows better. This is second relapse in three years, a disturbing trend for an alcoholic. But who else needs to be held accountable? Do the bartenders and wait staff at this restaurant not know who Josh Hamilton is? Do they not know his story? If they did know who he was and knew his story, why would they serve him? What about the Rangers? They lost Hamiltons accountability partner Johnny Narron to the Brewers and hired Hamiltons father-in-law to take the job. He then quit citing “family considerations” as his reason. The Rangers, who are heavily invested in Hamilton, should have filled that position immediately. then there are the fans. They sat by and watched as Josh Hamilton took drink after drink, most wanting pictures, then put them on Twitter.

Ultimately this is on Josh Hamilton. Alcoholism is no joke and it almost ruined him once before. But in my opinion, many others need to share responsibility.

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