Josh Hamilton Relapses, But Who’s To Blame?

Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton held a 12 minute press conference apologizing for his latest relapse into alcohol. He called it a “weak moment” stemming from “personal reasons” as to why he was at a Dallas restaurant drinking.

I know this is partially Josh Hamilton’s fault. He knows better. This is second relapse in three years, a disturbing trend for an alcoholic. But who else needs to be held accountable? Do the bartenders and wait staff at this restaurant not know who Josh Hamilton is? Do they not know his story? If they did know who he was and knew his story, why would they serve him? What about the Rangers? They lost Hamiltons accountability partner Johnny Narron to the Brewers and hired Hamiltons father-in-law to take the job. He then quit citing “family considerations” as his reason. The Rangers, who are heavily invested in Hamilton, should have filled that position immediately. then there are the fans. They sat by and watched as Josh Hamilton took drink after drink, most wanting pictures, then put them on Twitter.

Ultimately this is on Josh Hamilton. Alcoholism is no joke and it almost ruined him once before. But in my opinion, many others need to share responsibility.

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