No Football…No Problem!

This is the saddest time of year for football fans. The Lombardi trophy is safely on display at the Giants headquarters and our favorite players are now golfing and vacationing in places we only dream about. Here at Scotts On Sports we are going to provide you the top five television series you may have missed during your football coma. Look them up on demand or online

5. Two Broke Girls- I love this show. A rich girl loses her money and has to work at a diner. Rich girl meets broke sassy girl, they live together and try to start a cupcake business. Story line…a little blah. But the one-liners keep the laughs coming.

4. Californication- This show has been on for a few seasons so watch from the beginning. David Duchovny stars as a sex addict trying to keep his family life afloat but to no avail. The long line of sexy women that he meets along with the funny Evan Handler are enough to keep the show interesting. this show is rated R so keep the kids away.

3. Homeland- American POW returns home and our government thinks he has been turned. His battles to return to normalcy make this a must watch. Claire Danes is outstanding as she tries to uncover the truth.

2. Walking Dead- Guy wakes up from coma, zombies have taken over. Enough said!

1. Dexter- I know you have all heard of this show. It’s the best on television. A serial killer who only kills the scurge of humanity. You actually root for the bad guy. Again, start from season one and you will not be let down.

There it is, the top five shows to help get you through the football off-season.

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One thought on “No Football…No Problem!

  1. I couldn’t help but throw in my own top 5 list here as well. Mine is gonna be more sitcom heavy since I’m more of a sitcom fan than my partner (2 Broke Girls is decent, but doesn’t make my list. I do like the blonde though).-

    5. Celebrity Apprentice-This will actually be my first time watching this show. And the only reason I’m tuning is is because 2 of my favorite comedians, Adam Carolla and Lisa Lampanelli, will be on. Once they get “fired” I’ll probably stop watching.

    4. Rules of Engagement-David Spade and Patrick Warburton make a great comedy team in this series that focuses on 3 different types of relationships, married for a long time, newly engaged, and forever single.

    3. Tosh.0-Comedian Daniel Tosh makes snarky comments of various internet videos.

    2. Modern Family-Probably the most well-written of all the sitcoms going. Centers around an extended family that includes the typical husband/wife/kids, a gay couple and their adopted daughter, and an older man (played by Ed O’Neill of Al Bundy fame) married to a smokin hot younger woman (played by Sofia Vergera).

    1. How I Met Your Mother-Revolves around the main character Ted (who’s kind of a douche) telling his children the story of meeting their mother. The best part of the show is the legend (wait for it) dary character Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris). Probably the best sitcom character to come along since Kramer from Seinfeld.

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