I woke up this morning and didn’t feel right, like I was coming down with something. As I layed in bed collecting my thoughts I decided to scroll through my sports options for a boring Sunday. After about thirty seconds I saw it and instantly started to feel my mood improving. The Mavs and Knicks were on national television. I had a case of Lin-sanity and did not know it!

This was going to be my first chance to witness the Jeremy Lin phenomenon first hand. I have followed closely through high light clips and media packages up to this point. Now that he has beaten the defending champ Mavericks, here is my assessment of Lin. I LOVE THIS GUY! As a Bulls fan it’s hard to pull for anything Knicks related. Everything about Jeremy Lin is so wrong but so right. He plays the game like it could be taken from him at any moment. His silly head bob after nailing a 3 pointer, his ridiculous hair cut and his over whelming niceness can’t be real. He doesn’t seem to grasp the magnitude of Lin-sanity. Nike is working on a shoe for him (the ultimate award for a player) and he wants to copyright the phrase Lin-sanity. Good for him. Cash in while you can. I hope this ride continues throughout the year and into the playoffs. I don’t even think Carmelo could get in the way of this one.

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