Watson Defies Logic, Sports Green Jacket

Bubba Watson is one of my favorite golfers. From the pink driver to the all white outfit, he defies the norm. He really is like the rest of us. He tries to crush the ball off of the tee and rarely hits a straight shot. Sound familiar?

If you have ever hit the links it’s always the same. “Tee it high and let it fly”. That’s how we approach it. Who cares where it lands as long as we can recover. Second shot? Not quite what we wanted but as long as we can chip on and two put, we’re good.

That seems to be Watson’s mentality. And I like it. He’s unassuming and does not apologize for being unconventional. After a tough four days and two extra holes, Bubba Watson gets to put on the Green Jacket and join an outstanding group. You know what? Green looks just as good as pink.

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