Sports Figures Have Officially Pissed Me Off!

You would think that after watching and being around sports for most of my 36 years this would have happened a long time ago. I’ve kind of had it with dumbass in sports.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been subjected to “The Greatest Golfer In The World” throwing and kicking clubs like a spoiled brat, a well renowned head coach of a major college get caught in a scandal and a superstar hoopster say he needs more money.

Let’s start with Tiger. His tantrums and actions at the Masters were gross and uncalled for. Throwing clubs like a child and swearing like an idiot will not help you get back in good with America or sponsors. Maybe it’s time Eldrick take a long hard look and re-evaluate his life, again.

Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was fired due to his inability to tell the truth to his bosses and for covering up an inappropriate relationship with a woman half his age. The real victims and the people who lost most are Petrino’s wife and children. This self-absorbed, egotistical ass couldn’t help himself by offering his “girlfriend” a job with the University and then proceeded to keep the affair going. As far as I’m concerned, he got his!

And lastly, Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat think that NBA players should get paid for going to the Olympics and representing their country. Really!? I guess the spirit of the games is lost on me. As the parent of a child who is trying to get into the military this offends me the most. My son wants to fight for freedom and preserve the way of life that we love and you, DWade, can’t show a bit of appreciation and represent HIM free of charge. That nine figure income you have just must not be enough.

I just wish sports figures would think before they react. How is this going to look and sound to “Joe six-pack”. Hell, I just wish you cared at all.

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