Is Golf Becoming American Idol?

Here we go again. Another television viewer has decided he knows better than the officials at a PGA tour stop.

A call was made after someone watching at home witnessed, and I use the term lightly, Sergio Garcia improperly mark his ball on the 17th green at the Quail Hollow Golf Club. After speaking with officials it was deemed he had done nothing wrong and the two stroke penalty was negated.

“If this is going to make anyone think I’m a cheater, I’d rather get a two-stroke penalty and move on than not to get a two-stroke penalty and think I’m cheating.”

— Sergio Garcia

I have always liked Sergio and am glad he feels this way. But he shouldn’t have to worry about a fan making a call and ratting him out if he does make a mistake.

Can you imagine if we were able to call NBA officials every time we saw a flop. How about when a baseball player misses a base and they don’t catch it? Hey, just call Bud Selig.

I know I sound extreme, but whats keeping sports from becoming a popularity contest? Maybe we can just call 1-800-NOREPEAT and keep the Heat from winning another title.



May Is Here, I Hope The Reds Left Their Bats In April!

15-14 is not a great record for a team with high expectations. The Reds are lucky to have 15 wins. This team has me frustrated AND concerned. I know what you are going to say. It’s only the start of April, calm down. Well I can’t. I have waited for a contender in Cincinnati for a long time. I thought after last year’s collapse in the playoffs they would want to hammer people this season and show us it was all a fluke. Guess not.

Take these numbers into consideration. As a team they are hitting a miserable .243, that puts them ranked 21st in the league. Even more upsetting is the fact that they have struck out 232 times.

The pitching staff should be equally pissed at the hitters. They are sporting a very nice 3.32 ERA, 5th in MLB. They have time and time again pitched well putting the team in great position only to see their efforts squandered because Cozart, Votto and Bruce can’t get it done.

But here’s why I am really worried. The demeanor and actions lately are those of a team who can’t get it together. Jay Bruce went after fans on twitter who have given him a hard time about his production. Not good. Dusty Baker is answering questions from reporters like he has no clue how to fix it. Shocking. Even the best all around player in baseball, Brandon Phillips, seems a bit distraught. And who could blame him.

Sure, it’s early. Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. But if they don’t get it fixed soon, the season may end earlier then expected for certain members of this team.