So here’s a stunning turn of events. It looks like the State Attorney’s office in Florida has decided that a decision to charge Florida State QB Jameis Winston will not come this week as first reported. Instead, it looks like the State Attorney’s office needs “two weeks or longer” to decide what to do. At first glance this looks like a calculated effort to make sure the star QB gets to play in the rivalry game against Florida AND the ACC Championship game the week after. After these two easy wins, FSU will be headed to play in the BCS National Championship Game. Like I said…STUNNING. We see again that sports take precedence over justice. While the alleged victim in this case has had her world turned upside down by Tallahassee police and media members alike, Winston is able to enjoy his success on the football field. He will most likely play for the championship. There’s a good chance he will win the Heisman. Speaking of the Heisman, how great will that look if he does win and then gets charged? Yeah, not very!

Of course the Attorney General’s office could be waiting for more evidence against Winston. Hell, they already have his DNA, what more could they need. There are three things about this story that make me open my eyes. First. Money is a great motivator, Florida State will gain quite a bit financially from Jameis Winston playing football and winning awards. Second. Athletes need to make better decisions on the situations they put them selves in. On that same note, young women need to understand that every situation that they are in can potentially turn bad with these athletes. They are mostly spoiled babies that are never told no and always get what they want. And lastly, it does seem that justice is blind. Especially when it comes to big time athletes.


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Yesterday May Have Sucked For Browns Fans, But Wait Until…

I know you are upset. You are angry. Furious. You hate the team. You hate the owner.

Browns fans, you have the right to have all of those feelings.

What a joke. I get the move to trade Trent Richardson, I really do. The ownership group is doing what most new owners do. They get rid of the old guard and try to build for the future with their own selections. The Browns now have a stockpile of picks, ten to be exact, that can be used to bring in the future of the team.

Browns fans don’t care. They feel betrayed, again. How many times can you be told to “wait until next year”? The long suffering Cleveland faithful have been waiting since the 60’s for the mythical “next year”.

I don’t think it’s the trade that really hurts. It’s the dishonesty of this new ownership group that stings a bit. A group that has been involved with shady Flying J dealings and now the trade of a well liked player, hell, he’s the only offensive threat the Browns have, will lead to loyal, hard working fans leaving the team. And it’s unfair. It’s unfair to the players, the city and most importantly the fans. I will be interested to see how many fans show their displeasure by not showing up to games in the coming weeks.

One things for sure in all of this. The game on December 1st in Cleveland when the Browns welcome in the Jags will be one of the most important games in BOTH franchises histories. After all, it will be dubbed “The Battle For Bridgewater”! Something tells me I should copy right that!

Scott A. Grady

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Reds Chances Of Catching Cards, Pirates Could Be Gone

The Cincinnati Reds season may have taken a turn for the worse last night after a heartbreaking 16 inning loss to the Cardinals. The Reds had their chances to gain the advantage and walk off the Cards inching themselves closer to home field in the play in game and even possibly catch the Pirates for the division.

Believe it or not, I will not blame Dusty Baker for this one. The inability to execute a bunt in the 15th inning with Shin Soo Choo racing toward the plate doomed Cincy and may go down as the moment that momentum changed in the NL central.

The Reds had BIG MO on their side. After two good games against a team that has had their number recently, a late inning walk off would have sent a charge into this team and city that would have started a great run in overtaking the Cardinals and maybe even the Pirates.

I know the season isn’t over and the Reds are a virtual lock for the playoffs. But let’s face facts. No one wants to see this team go on the road to EITHER Pittsburgh or Saint Louis for a one game playoff. That would not turn out well, at all.

Is Golf Becoming American Idol?

Here we go again. Another television viewer has decided he knows better than the officials at a PGA tour stop.

A call was made after someone watching at home witnessed, and I use the term lightly, Sergio Garcia improperly mark his ball on the 17th green at the Quail Hollow Golf Club. After speaking with officials it was deemed he had done nothing wrong and the two stroke penalty was negated.

“If this is going to make anyone think I’m a cheater, I’d rather get a two-stroke penalty and move on than not to get a two-stroke penalty and think I’m cheating.”

— Sergio Garcia

I have always liked Sergio and am glad he feels this way. But he shouldn’t have to worry about a fan making a call and ratting him out if he does make a mistake.

Can you imagine if we were able to call NBA officials every time we saw a flop. How about when a baseball player misses a base and they don’t catch it? Hey, just call Bud Selig.

I know I sound extreme, but whats keeping sports from becoming a popularity contest? Maybe we can just call 1-800-NOREPEAT and keep the Heat from winning another title.


May Is Here, I Hope The Reds Left Their Bats In April!

15-14 is not a great record for a team with high expectations. The Reds are lucky to have 15 wins. This team has me frustrated AND concerned. I know what you are going to say. It’s only the start of April, calm down. Well I can’t. I have waited for a contender in Cincinnati for a long time. I thought after last year’s collapse in the playoffs they would want to hammer people this season and show us it was all a fluke. Guess not.

Take these numbers into consideration. As a team they are hitting a miserable .243, that puts them ranked 21st in the league. Even more upsetting is the fact that they have struck out 232 times.

The pitching staff should be equally pissed at the hitters. They are sporting a very nice 3.32 ERA, 5th in MLB. They have time and time again pitched well putting the team in great position only to see their efforts squandered because Cozart, Votto and Bruce can’t get it done.

But here’s why I am really worried. The demeanor and actions lately are those of a team who can’t get it together. Jay Bruce went after fans on twitter who have given him a hard time about his production. Not good. Dusty Baker is answering questions from reporters like he has no clue how to fix it. Shocking. Even the best all around player in baseball, Brandon Phillips, seems a bit distraught. And who could blame him.

Sure, it’s early. Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. But if they don’t get it fixed soon, the season may end earlier then expected for certain members of this team.

NFL Offseason Is All About One Thing, LYING!

I have been following football for years. I have bought into the notion that the league “loves” its fans and couldn’t have a product without it. I also believed that the league and it’s organizations within were honest and forthright about the goings on of its business. WAS I WRONG!!!

Over the last few days I have come to realize that lying and deception are part of the game of football. Well, maybe not the game itself, but part of the business end of things.

Alex Smith was the “treasure” of the NFL offseason until the Kansas City Chiefs over paid for him sending this years first pick in the second round and a conditional second rounder next year for the services of the San Francisco back up QB.

Why did the Chiefs over pay? Because it was rumored that Cleveland had offered the 49ers a third round pick for Alex Smith. In a panic, KC felt the need to up the ante and snatch the deal away from the Browns. It’s funny to me that no one from either side of the proposed deal can validate that this deal was in the works. Maybe someone was lying to get a better deal, we will never know.

The fun and games aren’t over yet. The draft is coming! We are lead to believe that Arizona is so in love with USC QB Matt Barkley, that they are willing to take the under achieving injured shouldered QB in the first round. Most people have him projected much later. Are we to take Arizona at their word, or are they posturing so Jacksonville and others panic and snatch him up. Again, we may never know.

With all of that, I still love the NFL. Besides, with Mantei Te’o in this years draft, it’s only fitting that lies take the center stage.


Scott Grady

Scotts On Sports

Danica Patrick Makes History, Can She Avoid Becoming History

The 2013 NASCAR season has started with the kind of excitement that fans had hoped for. Danica Patrick made history as the first woman to race her way to the pole position of the Super Bowl of motor sports, the Daytona 500.

People around the sports world buzzing with the thought that she could win and again cement herself not only in history, but as a legitimate star in the Sprint Cup series.

Danica Patrick, however, has not had an easy run of things and many people wonder where she would be without the superior packages of Stewart-Haas Racing. Many drivers, coming up, don’t have the advantage of being hooked up with a championship team as they cut their teeth in the competitive Sprint Cup Series.

In her few short races in Sprint Cup, Patrick has an average start of 36, an average finish of 28 and averages 92 laps per race. These are not exactly stellar numbers, by any stretch. I am lead to wonder if she were a man, would these numbers be acceptable?

Watching races last year I saw her involved in more wrecks than any other driver. This will have to change, immediately. Most owners do not like to see their property carelessly used.

It may not seem like it, but I am pulling for her. I think it would be great for the sport and open doors for more women if she does well or wins. With Danica Patrick holding her own with the boys on race day, it will show that NASCAR is changing, weather the good ol boys like it or not.