So here’s a stunning turn of events. It looks like the State Attorney’s office in Florida has decided that a decision to charge Florida State QB Jameis Winston will not come this week as first reported. Instead, it looks like the State Attorney’s office needs “two weeks or longer” to decide what to do. At first glance this looks like a calculated effort to make sure the star QB gets to play in the rivalry game against Florida AND the ACC Championship game the week after. After these two easy wins, FSU will be headed to play in the BCS National Championship Game. Like I said…STUNNING. We see again that sports take precedence over justice. While the alleged victim in this case has had her world turned upside down by Tallahassee police and media members alike, Winston is able to enjoy his success on the football field. He will most likely play for the championship. There’s a good chance he will win the Heisman. Speaking of the Heisman, how great will that look if he does win and then gets charged? Yeah, not very!

Of course the Attorney General’s office could be waiting for more evidence against Winston. Hell, they already have his DNA, what more could they need. There are three things about this story that make me open my eyes. First. Money is a great motivator, Florida State will gain quite a bit financially from Jameis Winston playing football and winning awards. Second. Athletes need to make better decisions on the situations they put them selves in. On that same note, young women need to understand that every situation that they are in can potentially turn bad with these athletes. They are mostly spoiled babies that are never told no and always get what they want. And lastly, it does seem that justice is blind. Especially when it comes to big time athletes.


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