Yesterday May Have Sucked For Browns Fans, But Wait Until…

I know you are upset. You are angry. Furious. You hate the team. You hate the owner.

Browns fans, you have the right to have all of those feelings.

What a joke. I get the move to trade Trent Richardson, I really do. The ownership group is doing what most new owners do. They get rid of the old guard and try to build for the future with their own selections. The Browns now have a stockpile of picks, ten to be exact, that can be used to bring in the future of the team.

Browns fans don’t care. They feel betrayed, again. How many times can you be told to “wait until next year”? The long suffering Cleveland faithful have been waiting since the 60’s for the mythical “next year”.

I don’t think it’s the trade that really hurts. It’s the dishonesty of this new ownership group that stings a bit. A group that has been involved with shady Flying J dealings and now the trade of a well liked player, hell, he’s the only offensive threat the Browns have, will lead to loyal, hard working fans leaving the team. And it’s unfair. It’s unfair to the players, the city and most importantly the fans. I will be interested to see how many fans show their displeasure by not showing up to games in the coming weeks.

One things for sure in all of this. The game on December 1st in Cleveland when the Browns welcome in the Jags will be one of the most important games in BOTH franchises histories. After all, it will be dubbed “The Battle For Bridgewater”! Something tells me I should copy right that!

Scott A. Grady

Scotts On Sports


Let’s All Make A Resolution For 2012

Ok, so I know it’s cheesy, but I am doing a sports resolution list for 2012. And here it is…

We the Cleveland Browns, make it our 2012 resolution to stop moving backwards. We promise to not panic and draft a QB, but will instead select Justin Blackmon and give McCoy another weapon before we write him off. Besides, we all think Mark Sanchez will be available, pick him up!

Major League Baseball will make it their 2012 resolution to let Mark Cuban own the Dodgers. This guy is what baseball needs to create buzz and interest in a city where baseball is dying.

ESPN will make it their 2012 resolution to find another story to beat into the ground and exploit it for all we can (see Tim Tebow).

Major League Soccer will make it their 2012 resolution to send David Beckham back where he came from.

And lastly, the good folks that govern NCAA basketball will make it their 2012 resolution to once again provide fans with a REAL champion. One that wins on the court, not on a computer (Sorry football).

As for me? I make resolutions every year and fail miserably. I resolve to eat less and get healthy, I gain weight. I resolve to better my career and financial situation, I’m still unemployed and beyond broke. So this year, for 2012, I will try something different. No resolutions, just promises. I promise to be a better family man. For all I have put my loved ones through, they deserve it. I promise to take the necessary steps to get myself and my family out of this financial situation we are in. And finally, I promise to make Scotts On Sports a success. I know it won’t be easy, but here’s to a fun and prosperous 2012.

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