Danica Patrick Makes History, Can She Avoid Becoming History

The 2013 NASCAR season has started with the kind of excitement that fans had hoped for. Danica Patrick made history as the first woman to race her way to the pole position of the Super Bowl of motor sports, the Daytona 500.

People around the sports world buzzing with the thought that she could win and again cement herself not only in history, but as a legitimate star in the Sprint Cup series.

Danica Patrick, however, has not had an easy run of things and many people wonder where she would be without the superior packages of Stewart-Haas Racing. Many drivers, coming up, don’t have the advantage of being hooked up with a championship team as they cut their teeth in the competitive Sprint Cup Series.

In her few short races in Sprint Cup, Patrick has an average start of 36, an average finish of 28 and averages 92 laps per race. These are not exactly stellar numbers, by any stretch. I am lead to wonder if she were a man, would these numbers be acceptable?

Watching races last year I saw her involved in more wrecks than any other driver. This will have to change, immediately. Most owners do not like to see their property carelessly used.

It may not seem like it, but I am pulling for her. I think it would be great for the sport and open doors for more women if she does well or wins. With Danica Patrick holding her own with the boys on race day, it will show that NASCAR is changing, weather the good ol boys like it or not.