NFL Offseason Is All About One Thing, LYING!

I have been following football for years. I have bought into the notion that the league “loves” its fans and couldn’t have a product without it. I also believed that the league and it’s organizations within were honest and forthright about the goings on of its business. WAS I WRONG!!!

Over the last few days I have come to realize that lying and deception are part of the game of football. Well, maybe not the game itself, but part of the business end of things.

Alex Smith was the “treasure” of the NFL offseason until the Kansas City Chiefs over paid for him sending this years first pick in the second round and a conditional second rounder next year for the services of the San Francisco back up QB.

Why did the Chiefs over pay? Because it was rumored that Cleveland had offered the 49ers a third round pick for Alex Smith. In a panic, KC felt the need to up the ante and snatch the deal away from the Browns. It’s funny to me that no one from either side of the proposed deal can validate that this deal was in the works. Maybe someone was lying to get a better deal, we will never know.

The fun and games aren’t over yet. The draft is coming! We are lead to believe that Arizona is so in love with USC QB Matt Barkley, that they are willing to take the under achieving injured shouldered QB in the first round. Most people have him projected much later. Are we to take Arizona at their word, or are they posturing so Jacksonville and others panic and snatch him up. Again, we may never know.

With all of that, I still love the NFL. Besides, with Mantei Te’o in this years draft, it’s only fitting that lies take the center stage.


Scott Grady

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