Alex Smith Proves That Persistance Pays Off

In 2005, Alex Smith was supposed to be the quarterback that lead the San Francisco 49ers back to the promised land. Up until now, he was considered a failure and a bust.

I’m not going to fill this blog with stats, that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about battling through adversity. It’s about believing in your abilities and putting in the work needed to get ahead. It’s about being a pro. That’s what Alex Smith is.

He was written off by everybody. An endless line of quarterbacks were waiting to take over in San Fran. Shaun Hill, you’re up. Troy Smith, you take the snaps. Colin Kaepernick, Why not. Smith also worked through eight different offensive coordinators during his six seasons. But Tom Brady goes through the same thing you say. Yes, but because his OC’s are good, and they leave for head coaching jobs.

Alex Smith did what he had to. He came in early and stayed late. He watched extra film. He practiced a little harder. He caught the attention of his team mates and new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh stuck with him. He was going down with Alex Smith at QB, and it payed off, so far.

Alex Smith should provide a lesson for us all. Sometimes, you have to believe in yourself before anyone else will.

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