So here’s a stunning turn of events. It looks like the State Attorney’s office in Florida has decided that a decision to charge Florida State QB Jameis Winston will not come this week as first reported. Instead, it looks like the State Attorney’s office needs “two weeks or longer” to decide what to do. At first glance this looks like a calculated effort to make sure the star QB gets to play in the rivalry game against Florida AND the ACC Championship game the week after. After these two easy wins, FSU will be headed to play in the BCS National Championship Game. Like I said…STUNNING. We see again that sports take precedence over justice. While the alleged victim in this case has had her world turned upside down by Tallahassee police and media members alike, Winston is able to enjoy his success on the football field. He will most likely play for the championship. There’s a good chance he will win the Heisman. Speaking of the Heisman, how great will that look if he does win and then gets charged? Yeah, not very!

Of course the Attorney General’s office could be waiting for more evidence against Winston. Hell, they already have his DNA, what more could they need. There are three things about this story that make me open my eyes. First. Money is a great motivator, Florida State will gain quite a bit financially from Jameis Winston playing football and winning awards. Second. Athletes need to make better decisions on the situations they put them selves in. On that same note, young women need to understand that every situation that they are in can potentially turn bad with these athletes. They are mostly spoiled babies that are never told no and always get what they want. And lastly, it does seem that justice is blind. Especially when it comes to big time athletes.


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Is Golf Becoming American Idol?

Here we go again. Another television viewer has decided he knows better than the officials at a PGA tour stop.

A call was made after someone watching at home witnessed, and I use the term lightly, Sergio Garcia improperly mark his ball on the 17th green at the Quail Hollow Golf Club. After speaking with officials it was deemed he had done nothing wrong and the two stroke penalty was negated.

“If this is going to make anyone think I’m a cheater, I’d rather get a two-stroke penalty and move on than not to get a two-stroke penalty and think I’m cheating.”

— Sergio Garcia

I have always liked Sergio and am glad he feels this way. But he shouldn’t have to worry about a fan making a call and ratting him out if he does make a mistake.

Can you imagine if we were able to call NBA officials every time we saw a flop. How about when a baseball player misses a base and they don’t catch it? Hey, just call Bud Selig.

I know I sound extreme, but whats keeping sports from becoming a popularity contest? Maybe we can just call 1-800-NOREPEAT and keep the Heat from winning another title.


Major League Baseball Gets Mother’s Day Right

My son is a baseball player. He dreams of one day making it to the big leagues, even if it’s only for a few days. He dreams of playing in front of thousands, on a field meant for kids. He wants to swing that PINK bat for himself, and his mother.

MLB gets it. On Mothers Day they bring out the pink bats in honor of mothers everywhere and to help bring awareness to breast cancer. What a great thing. Us fathers are the ones that coach, teach and criticize our players from the time they take their first swing to the time they take their last. But it’s the mothers who do the real work. They drive the bus, comfort after losses, buy the ice cream after the win and teach them that with every victory, or defeat, there is a life lesson to be learned. The athlete always thanks God first and Mom second. They play sports psychiatrist after every game. They make you laugh even after an 0-4 game. They know them better than they know themselves. And they know how to fix you both mentally and physically.

So to all of the Mothers out there thank you. Thank you for shaping our children into the men that they will eventually become.


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Sports Figures Have Officially Pissed Me Off!

You would think that after watching and being around sports for most of my 36 years this would have happened a long time ago. I’ve kind of had it with dumbass in sports.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been subjected to “The Greatest Golfer In The World” throwing and kicking clubs like a spoiled brat, a well renowned head coach of a major college get caught in a scandal and a superstar hoopster say he needs more money.

Let’s start with Tiger. His tantrums and actions at the Masters were gross and uncalled for. Throwing clubs like a child and swearing like an idiot will not help you get back in good with America or sponsors. Maybe it’s time Eldrick take a long hard look and re-evaluate his life, again.

Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was fired due to his inability to tell the truth to his bosses and for covering up an inappropriate relationship with a woman half his age. The real victims and the people who lost most are Petrino’s wife and children. This self-absorbed, egotistical ass couldn’t help himself by offering his “girlfriend” a job with the University and then proceeded to keep the affair going. As far as I’m concerned, he got his!

And lastly, Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat think that NBA players should get paid for going to the Olympics and representing their country. Really!? I guess the spirit of the games is lost on me. As the parent of a child who is trying to get into the military this offends me the most. My son wants to fight for freedom and preserve the way of life that we love and you, DWade, can’t show a bit of appreciation and represent HIM free of charge. That nine figure income you have just must not be enough.

I just wish sports figures would think before they react. How is this going to look and sound to “Joe six-pack”. Hell, I just wish you cared at all.

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Watson Defies Logic, Sports Green Jacket

Bubba Watson is one of my favorite golfers. From the pink driver to the all white outfit, he defies the norm. He really is like the rest of us. He tries to crush the ball off of the tee and rarely hits a straight shot. Sound familiar?

If you have ever hit the links it’s always the same. “Tee it high and let it fly”. That’s how we approach it. Who cares where it lands as long as we can recover. Second shot? Not quite what we wanted but as long as we can chip on and two put, we’re good.

That seems to be Watson’s mentality. And I like it. He’s unassuming and does not apologize for being unconventional. After a tough four days and two extra holes, Bubba Watson gets to put on the Green Jacket and join an outstanding group. You know what? Green looks just as good as pink.

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I woke up this morning and didn’t feel right, like I was coming down with something. As I layed in bed collecting my thoughts I decided to scroll through my sports options for a boring Sunday. After about thirty seconds I saw it and instantly started to feel my mood improving. The Mavs and Knicks were on national television. I had a case of Lin-sanity and did not know it!

This was going to be my first chance to witness the Jeremy Lin phenomenon first hand. I have followed closely through high light clips and media packages up to this point. Now that he has beaten the defending champ Mavericks, here is my assessment of Lin. I LOVE THIS GUY! As a Bulls fan it’s hard to pull for anything Knicks related. Everything about Jeremy Lin is so wrong but so right. He plays the game like it could be taken from him at any moment. His silly head bob after nailing a 3 pointer, his ridiculous hair cut and his over whelming niceness can’t be real. He doesn’t seem to grasp the magnitude of Lin-sanity. Nike is working on a shoe for him (the ultimate award for a player) and he wants to copyright the phrase Lin-sanity. Good for him. Cash in while you can. I hope this ride continues throughout the year and into the playoffs. I don’t even think Carmelo could get in the way of this one.

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Gary Carter More Than A Hall Of Famer

Gary Carter was winding down his career when I started paying attention to him. After all, when he singled in the winning run for the Mets in 1986 I was only 11. What I do remember of Carter is only in highlights for the most part. I know that every clip I have seen of him he was always smiling and enjoying the game the way it should be, with the heart of a kid.

The 11 time All-Star lost his life at the age of 57  on Thursday. Carter was , by all accounts, the happiest guy to ever play the game. Teammates and fans alike could always count on Carter’s smile and hustle every game day. He put his pitchers at ease when he was parked behind the dish, and made opposing pitchers turn to mush as he walked to it, bat in hand, ready to unleash that devastating swing.

When Carter was inducted to the Hall, he was enshrined as a member of the Montreal Expos. Carter kindly reminded them that his best years came with the Mets, but decided to not object. He showed up at enshrinement day, and every function later, with a Mets cap in hand.

Even though Carter was taken too early, he will always be elite.

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